Thursday, December 11, 2014

Allie's Christmas Room


Hi! Today I'm back sharing my some pictures of Allie's room all decorated for Christmas! Allie is almost three and she's very into Christmas this year! It's been so much fun doing little projects with her, singing Christmas songs, visiting Santa, etc. Now that she's older, I wanted her to start to help pick out things and decorate her room; I'm planning likes everything to be pink, so I did a pink Christmas in here, with lots of little vintage-y and handmade touches.

I didn't change much on this side of the room, just hung some angel wings over the bed for a fun little touch.

My mom made this doll for Allie's first birthday.


On this side of the room, we hung a garland of pinecones that Allie painted pink and we strung on yarn over the picture frames.



The tree is topped with an angel we bought for her on her first Christmas, and then decorated with some pink pom pom trim and wooden snowflakes. I left it just how she decorated it herself.

The wreath over the frame is made from some large cupcake liners, then I added pink glitter and some little pastel colored glass ornaments. My mom and I found the pink glitter house at Home Goods and I knew Allie would love it.
This gorgeous needlepoint stocking was made by my mother-in-law. Wow, right?!!


In the window, we hung wax paper and melted crayon ornaments that Allie helped to make.

A very pink Christmas!

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  1. The room is so wonderful! Love the gorgeous stocking! So special because it was made by family! I adore the barn in the room too! The ornaments in the window are so wonderful since your daughter helped make them! You've definitely captured the magic of Christmas for your sweet little girl!